Sunday, 5 February 2017

Happy father's Day Poems {Prayer}

Poems are a great way of expressing your feelings or your feelings for someone. We all have an unconditional love for our father's that cannot be measured and cannot be explained. But this year on Father's Day try doing something that will be worth remembering. Usually people pay visit to their parents house on father's day and go out for lunch and dinner or they present a bouquet of flowers to their father, give them some gifts. But all these are the general trend that everyone follows in some places grand parties are thrown in honor of father and father figures that include step-father, father-in-law, grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

You can truly share your feelings for your father with the help of father's day poem. It can be even a funny father's day poem or a religious father's day prayer. It can be your own creative writing or it can be a copied one but it should specify your true feelings for him. For he is the one who has been there for you every time you need him. The one who supported you financially and morally when you needed it the most. So try doing something that he will remember throughout his life. Father's Day is celebrated on different days in different countries but has the same meaning throughout the world. It is celebrated to admire the work of a father that he does in his whole life for his children.

Father's Day Poems:

"These are the prints of my little feet
  so you can remember when I was weak and sweet.
  I will grow as the years go past
  but I promise my love for you will never last."

father's day poems,religious fathers day prayer,funny fathers day poems

Funny Father's Day Poems:

father's day poems,religious fathers day prayer,funny fathers day poems

father's day poems,religious fathers day prayer,funny fathers day poems

So this year try something different on Father's Day which will be on June 18. Start writing because all good things take time to happen. Do it for the person who has done everything for you his whole life. Time to express your love that you have for him. Words can't describe everything but still make a great impact on the person who listens it. Do something creative that your father will like and will appreciate all the time and effort that you put out there for him. You never know what wonders your little efforts can do for your father.

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